Thursday, November 6, 2008

Our Great Collective

Here's the deal. And it's pretty simple.

At the very least and core of what took place on tuesday night, is the basic fact that I retrieved some sense, however slight and buried deep down, yes some sense of a faith in our country and in people to make a reasoned choice to look forward and think of making things better.

I am not saying anything that probably most of you already feel. If there were words on the tip of my lips that I felt were more profound and poetic, then I would wax on here about our great collective moment we experienced. But I quite simply do not possess that ability to transcend what already was a magnificent moment. So I will pacify myself with the images that remain ingrained in my head and the people with whom I shared our collective historic moment.

And I hope you shared that too.

Words sometimes are just not enough.

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