Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Top 5 Welding Films of ALL Time

Top 5 Welding Movies of ALL-TIME

1. THIEF (1981) - James Caan is an unstoppable rebel force to behold. Highlights include a full-on 20 minute welding scene as well an extended outdoor panning scene. In fact, great extended panning throughout the whole damn movie.

2. FLASHDANCE (1983) - You know it. I know it...sort of. But as perhaps the most infamous of all welding features, this one deserves the high nod. I won’t let it budge James Caan out though. No way. Still, name a better Pittsburg welding-dancing flick.

3. WELDING THE BIG RING (1904) - The movie that started it all! Who needs talkies.

4. THE MUNSTERS "HAPPY 100TH ANNIVERSARY (1965) - Herman and Lily’s 100th wedding anniversary is fast approaching. Wanting to surprise the other with an amazing gift, Herman and Lily individually acquire part time jobs at the Cleaver Employment Agency. Working as welders at the Crosby Shipyards, but not recognizing each other on account of the heavy welder’s masks, Herman and Lily start flirting with each other. Tensions rise as the couple simultaneously discover each others ’secret’ identity. I mean, really? Can YOU imagine a better plot scenario?

5. VINTAGE WELDING HISTORY w/ Spot, Stick, Arc Welding Footage (2006) - A Saturday night classic. Bar none.

* Honorable Mention - "A KNIGHT’S TALE" - I heard there’s a welding princess in this one. We’ll honor our man Heath with an honorable mention nod.

And there you have it. The oft-demanded but never compiled all time great welding movie list. I will NEVER let you down.
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