Monday, November 19, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving?

Just my wish for this week's holiday.

I know that many get to see their families and friends, and have a great time reconnecting. It's a long weekend and usually comes at a nice time to get away. Myself, I will be doing the same.

But since we really, as a nation, aren't REALLY celebrating the true meaning of what Thanksgiving is, or was...and since it's become more a matter of just getting together with your loved ones or going back home...which is all quite fine indeed...quite spectacular really..

...then, do we HAVE to eat the Turkey's? Truly, do we HAVE TO EAT THE TURKEY?

Do you EVER find yourself during the course of the year saying things like:

"I MUST eat the turkey."

"TURKEY is ALL I can think about. And it MUST be eaten."

"I don't know where it came from, but I know where it's going...and it's my belly."

"That turkey's ONLY purpose is to be on MY plate EVERY 2nd to last Thursday of each darn year...or I will FREAK out."

Well, if you aren't saying these things, and if you are TRULY going home to reconnect, visit, love, share, and laugh with your family, friends, relatives, or whomever....and the reason for your visit is not just to EAT THE TURKEY...

And if those same loved ones are not whittling way from starvation (which, come on, they AREN'T if they live in America)...

And if your sole purpose this weekend isn't your internal drive and desire to honor the original feast of Thanksgiving (before mass-consumption existed) in the EXACT SAME WAY as it took place in the 1600's....

Then consider NOT eating a turkey.

Honestly, do you have to? Would you be less of person if you didn't?
Would you be less if you ate something else (even Tofurkey!) and enjoyed the company of those you care about in your life?

Because I'm quite certain the turkeys would be happy just to be with theirs and not on your plate.

So if only ONE person manages to skip it this time around, that would be my wish.

Well, that and a decent Tofurkey recipe suggestion perhaps...

Sorry for the soapbox.
Have a great holiday.

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